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Non conservation of Mechanical Energy

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The experience consists in experimentally verifying the principle of non-conservation of the mechanical energy of a body in motion by using the MARRtino robot and a steel trolley.


Tie the trolley to the MARRtino robot using a string and an open hook.

Place the robot and the trolley on the platform at a distance of about 50cm from each other.

Program the robot to make a circumference and stop after a certain time interval. (An example of the code that was used to make the experience is reported at the end of the page)


After the start, the robot will make a circumference based on the values ​​that have given in input (linear speed, angular speed and execution time).

(A run time of 10+ seconds is recommended)

Once the robot is stopped, due to the principle of conservation of mechanical energy, the trolley will separate from the hook and will continue to move in a tangent way to the circumference previously described.

Due to friction, the kinetic energy of the trolley will be dissipated, decelerating it until it stops.

After it has stopped, measure the displacement made by the trolley from the moment the robot has stopped.

(For the measurement, it's recommended the realization of a grid of equidistant points of 10cm using a chalk and a shot from the above of the execution. Analyzing each frame of the video allows to easily identify the point where the trolley separates from the hook)

At last, the displacement must be calculated using theoretical calculations, and then compared with the displacement obtained from the experimental measurement.

(Optional: It is possible to connect a speaker to the robot and then program it to tell the result of theoretical calculations regarding the final displacement, in order to simplify manual calculations)


Necessary Tools Description
MARRtino robot Programmable robot that can perform movements and use sensors associated with it
Steel trolley Simple steel trolley used to perform experiments on motion
Wooden platform Replaceable from a platform made of another material
String Common string. Replaceable from other types of rope
Open hook It is possible to use a common iron clip as a hook
Speaker (Optional) Connectable speaker to make the MARRtino robot talk

Experience Video



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